100 years bucket list

It is said that life, ultimately, is about meaning. Such meaning can always be found in contributing to things greater that our individual selves. In such spirit, I tried to sum up the objectives that humanity could and should reach in a time-frame of 100 years, many of which i might be able to see with my own eyes or even bring a contribution to them:

1. Human immortality (biological and/or cybernetic)

2. Colonization of another planet

3. Harnessing fusion power at a global scale (Kardashev scale = 1-1,5)

4. Dropping the usage of fossil fuels and stopping/reverting the global warming process/pollution

5. One global, mankind-wide government, direct “online” democracy, backed-up by meritocratic technocracy

6. Interstellar travel

7. Fundamental ontological focus of science. Mainstream science breaking free from fixed paradigms.


(to be completed)


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