Why Scientism is a plague for the intellect

Unpopular truth:

Science does not provide an answer for everything. And that is not due to current limitations of the means of science, both technological and computational, or due to the lack of brain power.

It is simply because the scientific method is based on pattern recognition and categorizing the object of study based on proximal genus and the specific difference.

There is always something to equate with and there is never a definite answer provided.

Science never tells you WHAT IS or WHY IS, these are questions in the domain of study for ontology and broader metaphysics. Also, science never provides an interpretation for the results observed in experimental measurements.

The fact that there is a relatively broad consensus over the world paradigm in which science is interpreted is merely a sociological act of people BELIEVING in the same things.

I suggest Thomas Kuhn and Bertrand Russel for further reading down this line.


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